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Ultramagnetic M.C.'s Song Lyrics

The Best Kept Secret (2007)

The Plaques
Late Nite Rumble
Ain't It Good 2 U
Mechanism Nice (Born Twice)
Super Spellbound
Pop Bottles
Porno Star (Part 2)
Underwear Pissy
Party Started
Delta 2006
Silk Master

The B-Sides Companion (1997)

Ego Trippin' 2000 (Remix)
Watch Me Now ('97 Remix)
A Chorus Line 2000 (Remix)
Live At Tramps (July 11, '97)
Feelin' It (Radio Promo Mix)
Ultra Reunion
Mc's Ultra Part 2 (Remix)
Mentally Mad ('97 Remix)
Break North ('97 Remix)
Message From The Source (Remix)
I'm On
Bait ('97 Remix)
Kool Keith Model Android #406
Funky (12" Version Remix)

New York What Is Funky (1996)

Here I Go Again
Grip The Mic
New York What Is Funky
Black Potions
I'm Fuckin' Flippin'
Biscuts And Eggs
Chuck Chillout
Poo Poo Wreckers
Catchin' Bodies
Tim Dog Live On Capitol Radio
Join The Party
I Like Your Style
I Aint Takin No Shorts

Mo Love's Basement Tapes (1995)

Talkin' Out Ya Ass
Watch Your Back
You Ain't Shit
Sheriff Is Scared
D To The N
People Can Talk
Wack MC's
Rhythm X
Message In The Music
Kool Keith Wild
Delta Force
Fuck You

The Basement Tapes (1984-1990) (1994)

Make You Shake (Original Lab House Demo)
Space Groove
Get A Job
Ced-g, Tim-dog (Lab Free Style)
Smack My Bitch Up
Ya Not That Large
You Got To Feel It
Crush Kill Destroy
We're Ultra (Part Iii)
Ya Nobody
Ya Sleepin'
Smoking Dust

The Four Horsemen (1993)

We Are The Horsemen
Checkin My Style
Two Brothers With Checks (San Francisco, Harvey)
Raise It Up
Saga Of Dandy, The Devil & Day
Delta Force Ii
Adventures Of Herman's Lust (Moe Love Iii)
See The Man On The Street
Bring It Down To Earth
Don't Be Scared
One, Two, One Two
Time To Catch A Body
Yo Black
Big Booty

Funk Your Head Up (1992)

Introduction To The Funk
Mc Champion
Go 4 Yourz
Blast From The Past
Funk Radio
Message From The Boss
Pluckin Cards
Stop Jockin Me
Dolly And The Rat Trap
The Old School
Bust The Facts
Murder And Homicide
You Ain't Real
Make It Happen
I Like Your Style
Bi-Lingual Teaching
Poppa Large
Moe Love On The 1 And 2
Porno Star
The P.M.R.C. ID
Chorus Line Pt. 2

Critical Beatdown (1988)

Watch Me Now
Ease Back
Ego Trippin' (Mc's Ultra Remix)
Moe Luv's Theme
Kool Keith Housing Things
Travelling At The Speed Of Thought (Remix)
Feelin' It
One Minute Less
Ain't It Good To You
Funky (Remix)
Give The Drummer Some
Break North
Critical Beatdown
When I Burn
Ced -gee (Delta Force One)

Miscellaneous Songs

A Chorus Line

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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