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Rappin' 4-Tay Song Lyrics

Introduction to Mackin' (1999)

Introduction To Mackin'
Sweet Love
Nothin' From Nothin'
Get High With Me
It Only Rains Sometimes
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
You Really Don't Wanna
Get Ya Swell On
Do You Wanna Ride (Back Stabbers)
Think It Over
Ho Over My Homie
The Game Ain't Made 4 All Y'all
Bonnie And Clyde 2000
Throw It Up
Every Third Brother

4 Tha Hard Way (1997)

Playaz Dedication
One Nite
Beats For Sale
What's Wrong Wit The Game
Money Makes The Man
Where You Playin' At
Cold Blooded
Just Came Up
Back At Cha
Playa 4 Life
What Fo'
Ain't Nobody Coachin'
Brin' The Beat Back
Lay Ya Gunz Down
The Biggie
The Biggie2
Shake It
The Element Of Suprize
Thinking About You
4 Tha Hard Way

Off Parole (1996)

I Paid My Dues
New Trump
A Lil' Some'em Some'em
Check Ya Self
Ain't No Playa (Playaz Shit)
Never Talk Down
25-2 Life
Boogie Bang Bang
Comin' Back
Hala At A Playa
Game On The Shelf
Off Parole
Where's The Party
Phat Like That
Still Phuckin With My Folk$
Ain't No Playa (Radio Mix)

Don't Fight the Feelin' (1994)

Back Again
Dank Season
Keep One In The Chamba
Can U Buckem'
Just Cause I Called You A Bitch
Playaz Club
She's A Sell Out
I'll Be Around
Tear The Roof Off
Sucka Free
Call It What You Want Too
I Got Cha Back
This Is What I Know
The Gift
Out 4000

Miscellaneous Songs

A Message For Your Mind
I'll Be Around (Timber Mix)
Up's And Down's
Win Or Loose

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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