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Kane & Abel Song Lyrics

Most Wanted (2001)

Informant (Commercial)
Shake It Like A Dog
Count Your Ones
Get Right!
Quick 2 Buss
Jail Of Eden (Commercial)
Kane & Abel
Golden Shower (Commercial)
Don't Give A Fuck About Cha
Lemme Get Up In Ya
Vic (Commercial)
We Got That Candy
Somebody Gotta Pay
Quick 2 Buss

Rise To Power (1999)

Parental Advisory
Rise To Power (Illegal Business)
The Possibility
Tony Manteca I (Interlude)
Get Cha Weight Up
Beat It Up
Straight Thuggin'
Get Cha Mind Right
Tony Manteca Ii (Interlude)
I Don't Care
Let 'em Come
State's Evidence
Let Them Hands Go
Show Me What Cha Workin' Wit
This Life
Lock Me Up (Interlude)
Hit The Block
Brave N's
Joke's On You Jack (Interlude)
Get Cha Mind Right (Spanish Version)

Am I My Brothers Keeper (1998)

Time After Time
This Is For The Smokers
Tryin 2 Have Sumthin'
Soldier Story
Throw Them Thangs
Out Of Town B's
Ghetto Day
We Don't Care
The Game
Watch Me
Only God Knows
Call Me When You Need Some
No Limit Nigga's
'bout That Combat
No Turnin Back
Betta Kill Me
My Hood To Yo Hood
Am I My Brothers Keeper
Gangstafied Forever
Let's Go Get Em
Greens, Cornbread & Cabbage
I Ain't Runnin

The 7 Sins (1996)

This Is The Life
Black Jesus
Git'n Paid
Basement Sessions
That's How It's Gon' Happen 2 U
Between Us
God & Gunz
3/2 Murder 1
Jealous Again

Miscellaneous Songs

For Realz
It's A Riot
Shake It Like A Dog
Tell Me What You're Lookin' For
Yes Indeed

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